Exploring the
Other Side of Boracay

Veering away from the boisterous merrymaking and nightlife scene which Boracay has been known for, Monaco Suites de Boracay brings visitors to the other realm of the island where everything is tranquil and unhectic.

Blissful Boracay

To those who have visited Boracay in several occasions, particularly during the hectic LaBoracay weekend parties, the island is a destination of seemingly unending revelries. Even before and after LaBoracay season, festivities do not stop in the island. White Beach, the epicenter of activity in Boracay, remains frenzied for the rest of the year.

However, not everyone is into partying, which is actually tiresome in the long run. As vacation is originally meant for relaxation, others prefer the kind of Boracay where it is virtually serene and untouched. To those who yearn for this side of the island, Monaco Suites de Boracay is the right place to go.  

Our Suites

Classic Mediterranean ocean facing suites with luxury furnishings, each suite has its own unique style with the same high quality standard. Our furniture, fixtures, and decor are imported to replicate the famous French city while harmonizing with the sea. Each suite is perfectly situated on the hill so that all guests can rise with the sun and stretch their legs n the spacious suites ranging from an unparalleled 90 sqm to 270 sqm.

Property For Sale

This property has currently suspended its hotel accommodations, and is open for sale. If you are interested in the details of the sale, leave a message using our contact form, and a representative will get in touch with you.

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